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Hiking Tours

Explore mesmerizing landscapes, discover hidden waterfalls, and soak in awe-inspiring vistas as you traverse the trails and beautiful hidden gems in the Terrace area. 

Discover hidden gems in the Terrace area

At Terradise Eco-Tours, we offer a range of experiences to suit every adventurer and help you discover the beauty of the Skeena region. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or brand new to the trails, our hiking trips cater to various difficulty levels and goals for our outdoor experiences. 

Remote Jet Boat Tours

Our favourite experiences are customized to the ability of our guests and their level of hiking comfort. If hiking isn't your fore, maybe a breathtaking river tour is just right for you!


We want you to love the Terrace area just as much as we do and sometimes that means planning something special, just for you or your group.


Reach out to Mandi to talk about your next trip to Terrace and she’ll happily curate a custom hiking experience for you.


Ice Fishing Adventure

Join us on one of our favourite winter adventures.


Not only do we provide custom adventures, we also have some great stand-by adventures that are our go-to for showing folks why the Terrace area is so spectacular.


Reach out to Mandi for prices and date availability.

Hiking tours

Our trademark tours centre around hiking to some of Mandi’s favourite places.


Whether you are discovering well known hikes close to Terrace or spending some time in a more hard-to-get spot – hiking is Mandi’s favourite way of getting out into nature and exploring what we lovingly call Terradise.


Join Mandi on a half-day or a full-day hiking trip customized to your ability.


Fossil hunting & hiking

Put on your best hiking boots and join Mandi on an adventures quest for fossils. Visit some of Mandi’s favourite spots around the Terrace area.


While hiking and exploring some beautiful trails, you’ll also discover local fossil beds and get a glimpse into the ancient past. This is a half-day trip and is suitable for people capable of a moderate hike.  



Glacier helicopter tours

Discover the breathtaking views of the Skeena region with a customized glacier tour only accessible by helicopter.


Plan for a day-long adventure that takes us over the spectacular mountains and valleys to one of many glaciers in the area. We’ll touch down for some exploration and a snack in some spectacular locations only accessible by helicopter. 


Oolichan photography tours

Mark your calendar for February when the Oolichan fish begin their return to rivers in the Terrace area. It’s a spectacular sight to see as the small silver fish, return to area rivers around the same time of the crescent moon.


Sea birds and eagles soar overhead looking for their next meal, sea lions make their way from the Pacific Ocean up the Skeena River to feast on the fish. And area Indigenous fishers gather at the river to dip net for oolichan. Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime photography tour during this special time of year. Perfect for nature photographers.

What’s an oolichan?

Oolichan are small silver fish often compared to herring. They are an important traditional Indigenous food source that is rich in oil. The fish can be rendered to make oil that is used in cooking and for medicinal uses. The fish can be canned, barbecued, or dried for use later in the year. Sometimes the oolichan are called saviour fish, because they are the first fresh fish to emerge in area rivers after the long winter. 

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